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Erase your Public Criminal Record!

Every day, databases are being created with your criminal record.

Through the Internet, anyone can see the information in these databases.

Unfortunately, with the advent of the Internet, public websites are popping up daily containing personal information about you, compliments of the government.  Here are some examples (*updated August, 2015):

  • (Dallas County, TX - FREE)
  •  (Collin County, TX - FREE)
  • (Denton County, TX - FREE)
  • (Tarrant County, TX - FREE)
  • (TX DPS - $$)
  • (Private site - $$)
  • (Private site - $$)
  • (Private site - $$)
  • Fortunately, State law gives you the right to shield this record from the public eye, and have this information removed from public websites like those listed above.  It is important that you do something about this RIGHT AWAY because…

    People lose their jobs everyday because of this information.

    Embarrassment,  Denial of Opportunities -  All this is unnecessary when you have tools to shield this information from the public.  If you want to apply for a new job, rent an apartment, or coach your child’s sports team, you can be denied of all of these things because of your criminal record.  You can do something about it this VERY MINUTE. 

    Texas law empowers you to seal your criminal history record from the public.

    If you received DEFERRED ADJUDICATION on your criminal case, you’re well on your way to being eligible to ask the court to prohibit disclosure of your criminal record to any public entity or private person (If you were found not guilty or your case was OUTRIGHT dismissed, click here to go to www.Expunge-my-Texas-Record to learn about expunctions).

    Even though you were successful in completing your probation, your case information is still available to the public. An “Order of Non-Disclosure” is the ONLY way to receive the benefit of your successful deferred adjudication and permanently shield your case information from the public.    This order includes commanding those entities who have received your case information from the Texas Department of Public Safety to REMOVE the case data from their public databases.  

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