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Why Choose Us?

We've pioneered "Personal Criminal History Information Management"

In fact, we invented the name of this practice area as what we call "Personal Criminal History Information Management." Why? Its simple - This is a large part of our practice. We not only help our clients erase their public criminal records, but hope to establish a long term relationship with our clients after a court order is signed to confirm that court orders are being followed by the many entities that make money selling criminal history information to the public.

Most importantly, we have successfully represented our clients in hundredes of Non-Disclosures since we launched this area of practice on 9/1/07, with a 100% success rate! In short, we will not take your case unless you are eligible for your record being sealed.

Laws in effect September 1, 2007 give our clients the ability to enforce court orders like never before.

You will find that many firms who do this type of work "on the side,' have little interest or ability to continue a relationship with their clients once the order is signed. That's where we're different. We want our clients to let us know when they are about to apply for a new job or apply for position where a background check is required. We maintain copies of all orders prepared by our firm and have them available in the instance there is a need. We are in a position to be one of the first firms to file suit against a private criminal history provider for failing to follow a court order and disclosing public information under new laws that went into effect September 1, 2007.

We offer additional services that other firms do not or do not have the ability to offer.

Not all lawyers are equal! We have developed unprecedented technology and computer information systems that allow us to manage our cases. Our systems make it virtually impossible for documents to contain errors when the appropriate motions/orders are drafted. In addition, we offer services where our clients can request our assistance in notifying specific entities demanding that they remove case information or face further action. This includes offering a service where we send out certified letters to the 60+ entities that have purchased criminal history information from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Once this is complete, we have evidence that these entities have received notice of an order, without having to depend on the Texas Department of Public Safety to do their part under the law.

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